50 Years of Experience

in the Industry

HVAC Installations

A startup dedicated to air conditioning and refrigeration service, the company soon began distributing multiple brands of HVAC products. The company gained valuable recognition for its first-class engineering team and premium service to commercial, residential and industrial customers.


It was established with a retail operation selling refrigeration components.Reeisa later became a contractor with a strong focus on industrial air conditioning and water treatment applications.

Alta Ingeniería (Esen)

Initially established for the manufacture of room air conditioners. Esen focuses as a supplier of HVAC equipment for special applications.

Global FM

A company that capitalizes on its accumulated service experience and offers Facilities Management, maintenance, repairs and first-class operations in critical industrial applications..


PREMSOL MEP+ is an international Mexican company with its headquarters in CDMX. It focuses its activity as an integral installation contractor in the various specialties that cover the equipment of buildings: air conditioning, plumbing, fire protection and electricity, for all these facilities, Premsol MEP+ offers maintenance and after-sales services, all with the support of advanced control and supervision tools.